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Seaweed Meal: Natural Solution for Dog Dental Care

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Have you heard of a seaweed meal for dogs, cats and horses? More and more pet owners are choosing seaweed meal options from Crooked Lane to promote animal health. Here, we take a closer look at the latest trends in seaweed meal for horses and dogs, especially how nutrient-rich seaweed can help with canine dental care.

What is Seaweed Meal?

Crooked Lane Harvest seaweed meal contains 100% Ascophyllum nodosum, which supports overall animal health and wellness with 12 vitamins and more than 60 minerals and elements in total. This feed grade product is a great source of folic acid, carotene, tocopherol, amino acids and many more nutrients. At the right dosage, it is considered safe for dogs, cats, horses and poultry, and has become particularly popular for family pets as seaweed and kelp have been linked to exciting benefits for canine dental care.

How Does Seaweed Help with Doggy Dental Care?

Four in five dogs aged three years or older have active dental disease, so it’s important to take steps to minimise plaque and tartar build-up wherever possible. Vets are increasingly suggesting seaweed meal for dog dental maintenance. Due to Ascophyllum nodosums natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties. The use of Crooked Lane Harvest Seaweed Meal, in conjunction with regular brushing, may help soften existing plaque and prevent new plaque from sticking to teeth. On top of that, seaweed meal supports the complete feed ration by increasing ingredient utilisation for all-around animal health.

Other Benefits Associated with Seaweed Meal

Seaweed is a great source of prebiotic fibre. It can increase the population of friendly bacteria, block the growth of harmful bacteria, and enhance immune function. Dog owners across Australia are discovering the dental care benefits of seaweed meal, but that’s not all! Seaweed meal can also provide immune support and powerful antioxidants for dogs. This prebiotic feed ingredient does not have any artificial additives or preservatives, so if you’re looking for a healthy solution to dog dental problems or wellness concerns, seaweed meal is worth looking into.

Seaweed should not be fed in excess, as Seaweed Meal contains the highest plant source of iodine which can affect thyroid balance. Do not feed to animals with hyperthyroid disease.

Discover Natural Dental Care Solutions for Dogs in Australia

You can find premium dog dental care solutions and seaweed meal for horses from Australia’s animal wellness specialists at Crooked Lane. Stock up on natural remedies like seaweed meal for dogs and dog dental chews today.