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How to Encourage Your Dog to Eat Rosehip Granules

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When it comes to natural supplements for dogs, rosehip granules are fast becoming one of the popular options. Rosehip granules are believed to be excellent blood cleansers and may have a positive impact on adrenal health, joint performance, and vitamin levels in dogs.

At Crooked Lane, we source high quality rosehip granules which can be used for humans as well as animals. Our products are delivered Australia-wide and packaged for easy storage.

Dosage of Rosehip Granules for Dogs

Rosehip granules for horses and dogs should always be introduced into the diet under the supervision of a veterinarian. However, a general dosage plan for dogs can be determined by the following:

  • Small Sized Dogs: 1/4-1/2 teaspoon daily in food
  • Med Sized Dogs: 1/2 -1 teaspoon daily in food
  • Large Size Dogs: 1 -2 teaspoon daily in food

Rosehips can also be made as a tea and given with the dampened granules.

How to Feed Your Dog Rosehip Granules

While most dogs readily eat the granules when they have simply been sprinkled over their food, Crooked Lane understands that some dogs are fussy eaters. To ensure that your dog consumes the required volume of rosehip granules, you could start by adding a small quantity of the granules to their food and slowly increase it over time so they can become accustomed to it. Mixing rosehip granules with wet food, yoghurt, minced meat, or stock is also effective in enticing even the fussiest of pooches.

Rosehip Granules can also be made into a tea by adding boiling water to the granules, then leaving the liquid to steep and cool, then adding the liquid to food with the dampened granules over 1-2 feeds.

100% Natural Rosehip Granules for Dogs

Contact Crooked Lane today for more information on the health benefits associated with rosehip granules for horses and dogs. Visit our website today for a wide range of natural supplements and treatments for dogs, cats, and horses in Australia.