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What is the Best Natural Calming Aid for Dogs?

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Pets suffer from anxiety, depression, and mental health issues, just like people. Some common signs of an anxious pet might be panting, pacing, hiding, barking, or growling, restlessness, excessive grooming, shaking, cowering, yawning or tail-tucking. Crooked Lane Solutions Naturally Calm Chews for dogs offer owners a veterinary formulated supplement, developed to help promote a positive, calm behaviour in dogs.

Wellness Benefits of Calming Treats for Dogs in Australia

Naturally Calm calming chews for dogs have been developed to support the nervous system of dogs and provide relief for your dog in situations that may cause them unease or stress. Anxiety may occur during travel, storms, training, separation, or from loud noises and new situations where they experience unease. The Naturally Calm calming treats for dogs contain a combination of a select probiotic, B-Group vitamins, magnesium, and herbal extracts that may be beneficial to promote calmness in your pet.

How Do Naturally Calm Chews for Dogs Work and What are They Made Of?

Developed to help calm and settle dogs naturally, Naturally Calm Chews for Dogs contain a select probiotic (probiotic supplements have been a promising area of research that focuses on the microbiota-gut-brain axis), L-tryptophan (tryptophan is an amino acid that is important for the production of serotonin in the body), Withania Somnifera (commonly known as Ashwagandha, an important medicinal plant), Matricaria recutitia- Chamomile (an important nervine, digestive and detoxification herb), Magnesium (involved in maintenance of nervous function) and B group vitamins (have a role in normal general metabolism & nervous system function).

Buy Your Calming Supplement for Dogs from Crooked Lane

Crooked Lane Naturally Calm Chews for dogs are fast acting, easy dose, veterinary formulated chews made from premium ingredients.

Crooked Lane brings premium products to the Australian market. We source premium grade ingredients and choose packaging that is practical and attractive.

Naturally Calm Chews for Dogs by Crooked Lane is an advanced formulated supplement combining a probiotic, herbal extracts, minerals, and nutrients in a chewable treat to help calm and settle anxious pets naturally. Contact us online, call on 1300 787 041 or visit our online store to place your order.